HongQiao Market – Update

HongQiao Market

HongQiao Market – also known as HongQiao Pearl market is located in the Southeast part of Beijing near the TianTan – Temple of Heaven; It is accessible by subway and city buses and of course via taxi (if you can find one!).   Here is the location of the market in Chinese characters so you can print this page and provide to the cab driver from your hotel:

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The actual address and location is No. 46, Tiantan Dong Lu, Chongwen District; just opposite Tiantan Park, and to the east of the Temple of Heaven (you can see the Chinese characters for the street name above on the map);   If you are coming with a subway – please take subway line #5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station and once you get off the train car, look for exit A, and you will see the Pearl Market ahead on your right and will need to across the street (see photo above for a visual orientation).

The market is actually pretty big and houses a very large number of vendors which have changed their wares and focus over the years.  As of late the market management is attempting to revamp the venue to a new look and feel and is forcing many of the traditioanal vendors to move quarters to the basement floors of the building.

Link to an earlier article I posted; thumbs small chinafinds ad1 HongQiao Market   Update

Of course the market is also a hustling and bustling place where you can easily spend a week exploring the different vendors and negotiating merchandise.  Many folks consider these markets as outlets where one can look for fake brand name goods — those days are pretty much gone — i.e. I do not think this is the main business of the vendors here.  In reality they are turning more and more to really interesting art work, jewelry, and in some cases you can find the actual artisans that make the pieces right there in the market stalls.   So for those of you who have (a) the time and (b) the language skills to explore — you can actually find some very interesting conversations, art pieces and of course good friends for a long time to come….(believe me I speak from experience icon smile HongQiao Market   Update )

Otherwise for pieces of art and stylish traditional Chinese jewelry pieces (among other things) you can jump to the Web store for Chinafinds.com;


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