Avoid China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines – Avoid on domestic as well as international flights

It has been a couple of years since I have taken both domestic and International flights on China Eastern Airlines — all of those within a short period of time.  When I had the flights booked for me I had a bit of a question in my mind given my previous experiences with this airline – but decided (against my better judgement) to give it a try once again. 

So how was it?

The answer:  NOT GOOD !

China Eastern Airlines continues to have a whole lot of issues combined with strange and inconsistent rules.  Here I go with my next description of a set of poor experiences. 

Last week I was on a flight from Tokyo to Shanghai.  Upon getting my boarding pass I was asked to check-in my roll-aboard suitcase.  I questioned the reason for it and was told – it is too big.  I proceeded to highlight to them that I travel all the time with this regulation size roll-aboard but then was told "IT IS TOO HEAVY".  Of course – given the craziness of the statement — I questioned that as well.  After a few minutes of a discussion I asked for a supervisor so I can understand the issue of weight.   The person — who presented herself as the supervisor — proceeded to tell me that in Economy Class my roll-aboard cannot exceed 5kg and in Business Class — 10kg.  The reason she gave was apparently that the overhead bin can open during flight and the baggage can fly out and kill someone.  I KID YOU NOT – Those were her words.

My interpretation:  Of course in Business Class the overhead bins can sustain the asault of a 10kg bag !!!  Plus the passengers there have much thicker skulls and can survive a hit from a 10kg bag….vs. the weak passengers in Economy who can handle only a 5kg bag…. I HOPE YOU ARE SMILING BY NOW.  Yes, this is ridiculous.

Well my roll-aboard had to be checked in.  I could not prevail in my attempt to reason with the supervisor that I really have a tight connection in Shanghai and could not wait for my luggage to come out from the cargo hold…

Upon arrival in Shanghai I had to wait for 25-minutes!!! Precious time during which I missed my potential flight to Shenzhen and had to wait for one 2 hours later.  All that because of an airline employee WHO DID NOT KNOW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT.  Why do I say that?  Because in Shanghai I got my boarding pass for the flight to Shenzhen ALSO on China Eastern Airlines and was told "NO PROBLEM.  YOU CAN BRING THE ROLL-ABOARD WITH YOU ON THE PLANE.  NO NEED TO CHECK IT IN"

Go figure!!!  Either the airline all of a sudden does not care about the safety of the passengers on the domestic flights, or they just have my stronger heads…

In my next installment I will describe the great experience on board the main cabin of a couple of domestic flights on China Eastern.  As you can tell I am NOT a fan!!!


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