Photo Albums – China — 中国 – Beijing 北京

China — 中国 – Beijing 北京

This page hosts photo albums related to Beijing and surrounding areas like

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Beijing (北京) – the modern day capital of the People's Republic of China is an ancient as well as one of the most populous cities in the world.  I bet you can find a large amount of write ups about it all over the Web, so I decided that my writing will be short — mostly confined to the titles of the photo albums I plan to publish here on this page.  So let's start:

Beijing – The Forbidden City – 故宫

The Forbidden City is the imperial palace of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) emperors; It has been the Emperor's key palace for over five centuries.  The palace is enormous — it will take you at least a full day to see most of its buildings, gardens and exhibitions.  So plan accordingly.  It is located straight in the middle of Beijing — right behind the TianAnMen square 天安门广场.


Beiing – JingShan Park


Beijing – Temple Of Heaven (Tian Tan)


Beijing Tian An Men Square


Beijing Guomao Area – Downtown Skyline

Beijing's Guomao area of Chaoyang district has become an amazing architectural place – there are many interesting buildings and now the newest Shangri-La hotel housed in The China World Summit Wing;


Beijing Hutongs


Beijing Lama Temple – Beijing Yonghe Gong – 雍和宮

Yonghe Gong is the biggest Tibetan Bhuddist Lama Temple in Beijing;   The temple was built in 1694 and was initially a residence of the Qing Dynasty prince Yong.  In 1725 the residence was converted to a palace under the name of Yonghe Gong (in English = Harmony and Peace) by emperor Yong Zheng. Finally in 1744 emperor Qian Long made the palace a lamasery.  It is important to note that the temple houses a 18-meter tall Buddha statue – appropriately named Big Buddha, which is carved for the most part of one giant piece of white sandalwood — the statue has been recorded (as of 1990) in the Guinnes Book of world records.



Cherry Channel
Location: Northwest of the Sleeping Buddha Temple, close to the Fragrant Hills in Haidian distric (Northwest Beijing). The name comes from the cherry trees on both sides of a mountain stream. There are also other flowering trees: apricot, peach, Chinese flowering crabapple, peony. The place is also known for Yuan Bao Shi from which came Cao Xueqin's famous works The Dream of the Red Mansion. (The tip for this place came from Xianzai Beijing)


Goose & Duck Ranch in Huairou.

You can stay in a cabin, or a room. With regard to activities you can engage in swiming, horseback riding, may be some hiking, some fishing in near by fish farms — not exactly a big challenge but still better than nothing. The weird activity is the entertainment arcade. Free bus transportation from Goose & Duck Pub near West Gate, Chaoyang Park. About an hour ride north of Beijing.


Ling mountain: west of Beijing, is a good place to drive to. What is special about the place – interesting grassland with beautiful flowers. The address is QingShui town, MenTouGou district, Beijing city


More to come…


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